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Definition of words in a dictionary v freedom of speech: when worlds collide.

Young woman's handcuffed hands typing on computer keyboardThe Brazilian Federal Public Ministry filed a civil public complaint in the end of February aiming at the removal from the market of one of the most renowned and important dictionaries in Brazil – Houaiss Dictionary  – under the argument that it contained “prejudiced and pejorative expressions” to define the word “gipsy” (“cigano”, in Portuguese).

The initiative was from the Federal Public Prosecutor from the city of Uberlândia, State of Minas Gerais, Mr. Cléber Eustáquio Neves and the action was motivated by a representation filed by a gipsy back in 2009, which alleged that the Dictionary was discriminating its ethnic group. Continue reading

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Ancine put on public consultation the draft of the Normative Instruction that will rule about accountability

On December 21, 2011, Ancine has started the public consultation proceeding related to the draft of the Normative Instruction that will set forth rules for the presentation and analysis of accountability of public resources invested in projects of its jurisdiction.
The proposal consolidates preexistent rules pertaining to other Normative Instructions and modifies several other provisions of Ancine’s internal regulations. The Normative Instruction aims at improving communication between ANCINE and the regulated agents by simplifying procedures and unifying the rules for accountability. The normative instruction also brings innovations that will confer more agility and effectiveness to the processes. Continue reading

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The Ministry of Justice finally sent the Internet Bill to Congress: is this good or bad?

According to the Ministry of Justice’s website, the so called Civil Regulatory Mark for the Internet in Brazil was sent to Congress yesterday. The Internet Bill received number 2,126/11 and it is currently following the procedures of the House of Representatives and, then, it will be remitted to the Senate. It is unclear how long the process may take but now is the moment for content creators and owners to pay close attention as the Congress may amend the current text of the bill before sending it to the presidential sanction.
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Federal Court of Appeals issues groundbreaking decision related to “violent” videogames

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court decision which struck down a California Law banning violent videogames to minors, the Brazilian Federal Court of Appeals for the 1st Region overturned a first instance decision which fully banned two famous videogames from the country because of their alleged violent content. The decision was issued earlier today in a Judgment Session. Continue reading

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