The Times They are A-changin’

Bob Dylan’s famous song is the best description of what is going on right now with copyright in Brazil. After decades of passivity in this area, with a few hiccups here and there, the political crosshairs of the Brazilian Government are now strongly on Intellectual Property in general and, more recently, on copyright in particular.

For the past three years Brazil has lived under the shadow of a threatened, but still not materialized, new bill for the Copyright Law. Since last November, more turmoil has happened and is happening now as we write this: the WTO autorized Brazil to cross-retaliate the United States due to the long-standing fight over the cotton subsidies.

This has prompted us to put this blog together. We will primarily focus on these two issues but more comments will be added on different topics as time goes by either directly by us or by friends and colleagues that we hope will be very kind in contributing to our little endeavor.

But some of you may be thinking, “what makes us the right people to comment on these subjects?”

Well, though we are certainly not the only “right” people in Brazil for this task, we are fairly knowledgeable about the practical legal scenario given our long standing activity in the entertainment law field. We have been directly involved for more than 10 years now with many of the most intricate issues involving copyright in Brazil, such as neighboring rights, assignment of rights and the corresponding and ensuing litigation. We have directly dealt, on behalf of many clients, with our fair share of negotiations, contracts and elaboration of legal opinions on DRM, public performance rights, comparative copyright law and moral rights. Just no to bore you to death right in the first post, we invite you to take a look at our bios here and here, so as to justify our writing of this blog.

But, to tell you the truth, the real reason we are doing this is just because we can and because we would like to get your feedback on the many delicate and sometimes unpopular personal opinions we will issue on entertainment matters of our country. We will even risk giving our unsolicited opinions on worldwide entertainment matters from time to time, hoping, again, that we will stir as many people as possible to comment, criticize and, why not, bash our comments.

So sit back, relax and, hopefully, enjoy our two cents on the entertainment world from a Brazilian perspective.

Attilio and Rodrigo

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  1. Nils Montan

    Hey guys. Many of us are wondering what your favorite movies are? How about a top 5 form each of you.


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